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Re: [SLE] [OT] Athlon Processor
On Wednesday 30 May 2001 09:14 am, Guy Van Sanden wrote:
> Hello
> I know this is off topic, but I just bought a new PC (for Linux), but
> I suspect that the guy who sold it to me isn't completely honest. So,
> I need some help, and I've always found friends here.
> The thing is, my wife has been saving for a long time to give me a
> decent Linux machine (for my birthday, cause my old one was getting
> real slow for what I use it for), and I really don't want it to break
> down in a couple of years.
> My system is an Athlon 1.333 GHZ with a ThermalTake Volcano cooler.
> (- Abit motherboard, to be replaced with an Asus which was out of
> stock - VIA chipset - Award bios)
> It should cool the CPU down to about 30°-40°C (specially when idle),
> but my CPU is constantly running at 56°C - 60°C...

That is way too hot -- get a GlobalWin FOP38 CPU cooler, it's the best. I
have the exact same CPU (on an Asus A7M266 Mobo) and it is running 45°C at
all times. Very very nice CPU cooler, but beware, it is kinda noisy... but
what do you expect? The fan runs @10k rpm! *LOL*

> Even when idle (same on full load). I thought the kapmd-idle thread
> would keep it cool? But that guy claims that isn't so for an Athlon
> (only Intel). He also claims that this temperature can do no harm to
> my CPU, but I doubt that. Searching the internet indicates that

You are right to doubt that -- CPU's running too hot can more than halve the
lifespan of the CPU. Just be careful when putting that CPU fan on. My advice
-- use a pair of needle nose pliers and be very careful. It might be best to
remove the mobo from the case when you put it on.. I know I didn't, and my
fingers paid the price. They healed though ;^)

> temperatures like that shorten the life of an Athlon (most of my
> systems run up to 10 years, about 4-5 years with me, and than past on
> to family members), and on many sites, the ThermalTake volcano is
> rated very good (should cool to 30-35° when idle).

This is a good cooler.. I have no idea why it isn't working to cool your CPU
down. About the best you could hope for is in the mid 40s though.

I'm beginning to suspect inadequate ventilation in the case. Can you remove
the side (or cover, if the side isn't removable) of the case, and monitor the
temperature in the bios? What does it run at after 15-30 minutes of idling
with the case removed? Also, try putting a standard desk fan near the
computer (with the side/case removed) and blow room are onto it. This will
help determine if it's a case (pardon the pun!) of inadequate case
ventilation or if there is maybe something wrong with the CPU cooler itself.

> He claims I might be able to get my CPU cooler by running (once) a
> windows utility that can set a register on the chipset to make it run
> idle when not loaded? Does anyone know if this is true?

Yeah, I've heard of this before. Nothing (imho) works as well as a well
ventillated case and a great CPU cooler. My system (fully enclosed) runs @
45C, and I have the exact same CPU that you do. I have 2 intake fans in the
front of the case, a side fan (blowing down onto the mobo) and I don't even
have a dedicated exhaust fan -- just the one at the top that is in back of
the power supply.

> I also fear that the CPU might be a lower type (1-1.2, overclocked to
> 1.333), is there any way to check this?

Check the BIOS, it'll tell you everything you need to know.

> I'm sorry about posting this topic, but I really need help.
> Thanks for any ideas!
> Guy

No problem Guy, it's my pleasure.

Take care, and good luck!

PS: Let me/us know what you find out. Thanks!

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