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Re: [SLE] MS-built UK 'Government Gateway' locks out non-MS browsers
Good on you and your brother. I hope the MP takes this seriously. I'm not
up on British politics or culture per se, but certain things are border-less.
Bad or insecure software doesn't care about you country, culture, or politics
and neither does a hacker - they just care about finding the holes. If a
given hacker does have a negative attitude about you country, culture, or
politics and you run insecure or bad software then there's his/her incentive
to exploit the situation. And pair this with the citizens feeling that the
government is partnering up with a corporation to force feed them a product
and I see a lot of long nights in Parliament. I also see that this
situation relating to the citizens and the politics surrounding the situation
as being a self fulfilling prophecy - that's is for supplying the incentive
to exploit the bad and insecure software. Lot's of scrambling politician is
what I see!!! I see lots of disgruntle citizens wondering why they have to
install new browsers to access a tax paid for site. I see possibly a new MP
on the horizon. Why, Because Microsoft is secure and stable like a colander
is good for carrying water to a man that's going to die of thirst - both are
full of holes and can't do the job. I can see it now, Microsoft billboards
on the side of the house of commons. "Great stuff" said Mr. Gates.

Just my uninformed $0.02 U.S. Curtis Rey :)

On Tuesday 29 May 2001 10:42 am, matthew johnson wrote:
> I wrote to the Independent newspaper about that one! And my brother will
> be talking to an MP about this too. Its going to turn into a disaster (a
> software version of the Millenium Dome).
> Matt
> On Tue, 29 May 2001, Fred A. Miller wrote:
> > Unless MickySoft looses on appeal, this is only the beginning!!
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