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Re: [SLE] Gnome 1.4 SuSE packages..still in fine form.
Yes! As a newbie attracted to Linux the main reason was to leave behind, as
much as possible, the corporate attitudes related to making decisions for me
(ya know - like M$ windblows). I choose linux A) because it entailed a
degree of freedom for me, and B) because the high degree of choice and setup
options it presented. Like I said anybody should feel that choosing a WM is
about using an interface that makes them the most comfortable and allows them
the best environment for that specific person. It shouldn't entail some
tacit or covert choosing of sides in a developers debate. I don't care too
much about the politics of the developers, I care more about stability and
functionality. I don't like felling like a pawn, whether intentionally or
unintentionally, in a WM conflict. I do like SuSE by in large. I don't like
surprises that end up creating a lot of problems that I was trying to avoid.
Remember, I'm a newbie and not experienced enough to be able to resurrect my
sys after it gets to a certain point. In time I will learn - but the Gnome
experience was a harsh lesson, at least for this newbie.

Cheers. Curtis Rey

On Monday 28 May 2001 02:37 pm, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> I do agree in part with you. I think KDE2 is ready for 80% of desktop
> users out there..Gnome would be as well if those who packaged it took
> care in what they did. As I said I downloaded the Sun package of Gnome
> 1.4 which BTW came with a totally nice customer Java based installer
> that was a PLEASURE to use. It told me exactly what I needed to do to
> see the video correctly and it made the correct system mods and told me
> what it did. I used it Thursday after I downloaded it and all day Friday
> with no complications other then Xchat died a I just recompiled
> it and it worked fine. I just think that for the most part LINUX
> distributions pick a WM and they play favorites to that WM. It's not
> right..distributions are made to be sold or given away to end users..who
> for the most part don't give a frell about the personal bias of those
> who work for the company or who the company employee's. I am not and
> won't in the future advocate one over the other. It's about choice..but
> a badly done choice always becomes there is no choice at all.
> Oh well. Such is life and I guess once the Gnome/KDE people get things
> working more smoothly between the two environments won't be an
> issue. *shrug*
> My 0.02 ever on Gnome/KDE
> * Marcel Broekman (marcelbr@xxxxxxxxxx) [010528 12:17]:
> ->
> ->Hi Ben,
> ->
> ->I agree with you. Users need quality and stability. Do it right or not at
> all. ->I see it like this: Linux for the desktop is expiriencing serious
> growing ->pains. It's not just SuSE. Every distribution suffers from it.
> Testing every ->piece of new software is maybe getting to complicated
> considering the sheer ->amount that comes out everyday and I'm not even
> talking about the different ->pieces of hardware yet it has to work on. I'm
> not a hacker, I don't do code, ->but I can see the "challenges" the
> distributions are facing. Maybe they should ->make more choises as to what
> to include or not.Linux as a server is doing ->great and deserves to even
> do better (and it will!) but the desktop is a ->different ballgame. If we
> want Linux to succeed on the desktop everything ->needs to be easy to
> install, easy to (re)configure and every little bell and ->whistle in it
> should work. Don't get me wrong: I like it allready the way it ->is and I
> use it exclusively (at home). I don't mind searching for the right
> ->librairy that's missing or config file that needs editing to get stuff
> working ->and I know you don't mind either, but sometimes it gets to
> complicated lately, ->even for us. And that frustrates us. That is why I
> think Linux is not ready ->for the desktop yet for the average user and
> that's why I think distributions ->need to focus more on the software they
> really(!) want to include (and maybe ->include the rest "as is" for the
> more advanced users?) Sometimes less is more.

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