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Re: [SLE] Special Characters under KDE ?
On Monday 28 May 2001 01:15 pm, Linux News User wrote:
> hi !
> does any one know how to obtain special characters using KDE2 ?
> like á é í ó ú ñ Ñ ¢ ??
> thanks

kcontrol->Personalization->Keyboard Layout->and select US+Dead Keys as an
additional (or as your default) language, whichever you desire.

Note: If you select it as an additional language, you might want to change
the default key binding (which is ctrl+alt+k) -- I changed it to just alt+s

You will notice that there is now a new systray entry, with a flag and the
letters depicting what you are using for a language. I have US as my default,
and US+Dead Keys as an additional entry.

Now, when you want to type an accented character (a, in this instance), press
the single quote (') and then the a, and you'll get á, or the shift+single
quote and then "a" and get ä. If you want a single quote, you have to press
it twice if you have dead keys as your current selection, the same goes for
double quotes. You can use this method for the other vowels as well... just
play with it.

I hope this helps, have a great Memorial Day!

Here are single quoted and double quoted vowels:
ÁÄ, áä
ÉË, éë
ÍÏ, íï
ÓÖ, óö
ÚÜ, úü
Ý (note: no double dotted capital Y), ýÿ

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