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Re: [SLE] How many people here play Linux games? And which ones?
DOH !! :-/ (referring to Ben comment)

Try this one and do a search for Linux. By the way their website doesn't
work well with Kong - YMMV


On Saturday 26 May 2001 02:26 pm, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> * Curtis Rey (crrey@xxxxxxxx) [010526 10:24]:
> ->If you have the windblows version you can get an installer that allows
> you to ->play the whole game. Get the "" and then mount
> the cdrom ->with the windows version as root or course, and away you go.
> ->
> I think he knows that he can use UT under Linux this way. He was talking
> about orderin NEW games and the cost of it.
> Maybe there is a Canadian retailer that you could use...Loki's site has
> lots of retailers..check one out. They may sell games cheaper.
> ->> Well, being an admitted game freak all this discussion of linux games
> got ->> me inspired. I downloaded the Unreal Tournament demo and have been
> ->> getting fragged all morning!
> ->>
> ->> I also went to the EB website and was about to order a handfull of
> linux ->> games only to hit the wall on shipping charges. I live in Canada
> and EB ->> will ship here but use UPS. EB said that UPS charge about $35
> for a ->> game!!! I also have to pay 15% taxes based on the Canadian value
> plus an ->> administrative fee of around $7 to UPS.
> ->>
> ->> Putting this together the shipping and a single $10 game would cost me
> ->> $45USD or over $60Cdn. Adding taxes plus the admin fee brings this
> close ->> to $75CDN!!!
> ->>
> ->> I can buy the Win version a LOT cheaper than that here. I called the
> ->> local EB store to see if they would order them in for me but they said
> ->> they only handle Mac or Win games!!!
> ->>
> ->> I guess I'll be keeping the Win partition a little longer!

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