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Re: [SLE] Further Tales of Horror!
On Saturday 26 May 2001 03:14 am, dieter wrote:
> From Tor Sigurdsson to dieter and suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx about Re: [SLE]...:
> > Very true, but patching *NIX on a mission-critical server is not the task
> > you'd throw at a typical windows point-and-click administrator more than
> > maybe twice, so there we are back at the TCO again...
> I'm not so sure about that, is it far more difficult to let's say
> install a fixed rpm with SuSE than to point and click on the right image
> in windows?
> > As I see it, the same thing is happening in operating systems as happened
> > in hardware a decade ago, when the world decided not to go with the S-100
> > bus, but instead to choose the ( much inferior in fact :) IBM PC. This
> > transfer WILL take place, but not by yelling how bad Microsoft must be or
> > by pointing left and right at faults in their software. The transfer will
> > take place by writing good software, and by making that good software
> > available and VISIBLE to the world.
> That's why I never yell how bad microsoft is and instead make comparisons
> between their systems and others. And to be honest, I don't even do that
> anymore. I just listen to people complaining how irrational their winpc is
> and then I smile and say "What can I say" and then they already know what
> I think.
> > Remember - every harsh work ABOUT Microsoft is another advertisment FOR
> > their existance, and thus in their favour.
> But I guess that it isn't very harmful on this list. :)
> > It leads to uncertainty, confusion, and frustration. I have seen many
> > examples of this, and the storm usually doesn't clear until the user has
> > become advanced enough to make a sound choice based on his/hers own
> > knowledge of the choices available.
> On one hand you're very right and many people aren't indeed ready for
> using linux or something else than windows. But I think that's the way
> linux grows. I am using linux since a year and a half and then I also
> didn't find it very user friendly. (Although I liked it from the
> beginning) But I think a lot has changed and anybody could work with
> linux. And I don't think that typing ./configure, make and make install
> will stop anybody from finding linux a user friendly operating system.
> That is, if they're not already used to windows and maybe spent a great
> deal of time learning it. I'm, together with some other students, admin of
> 4 computerrooms. We powered 2 of them with linux about a year ago. In the
> beginning people (even informatics students !) came complaining that they
> had to work with 'exotic' OS'es. But this year I have seen more and more
> people switch from the windows rooms to the linux rooms, and not only
> informatics students. There's also some project to let foreigners study at
> the university and a lot of them never used a computer before. I can
> assure you that most of them prefer linux to work with.
> We don't have to throw windows at Curtis' mother :) but I don't care
> confusing people if that is what choice does to them.

You have an excellent point relating to the "students" becoming comfortable
with Linux. I just wrote a short letter to Dell in regards to their
statement that Linux is too technical. The jist of the letter basically
points out what you are saying. That many new computer users and those of a
younger generation will find it no more difficult to learn on Linux than on
an MS OS. I also pointed out the OSX for Macs is a Unix based system and
that, being a cousin of the Linux OS, is evidence that A) a user friendly
form of Linux is very doable, and B) that anyone that becomes used to using
OSX would find it fairly easy to switch to LInux, especially when referring
to Carbonized programs and the command line in Mac.

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