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Re: [SLE] Microsoft, McAfee Forge .Net Alliance
  • From: Juergen Braukmann <juergen.braukmann@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 23:41:43 +0200
  • Message-id: <3B0ED197.FCA46A0C@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Christian Klippel wrote:
> hi all,
> Am Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2001 18:05 schrieb Ben Rosenberg:
> > *laugh* Yeah..and McAfee is also trying to push OSX users into getting
> > their virus scanner...Mac's had very few virus problems before their OS
> > became Unix based. I would think the problems would have decreased with
> > this transition...but the again I guess we must detect virus's sent to
> > us and protect Windows by not spreading the disease eh?
> >
> > * Fred A. Miller (fm@xxxxxxxxxxx) [010524 08:32]:
> > ->Microsoft, McAfee Forge .Net Alliance
> > ->
> > ->The two companies plan to cooperate on implementing Microsoft's .Net
> > ->technologies and servers within McAfee's online services, as well as
> > ->joint marketing and promotional efforts.
> > ->
> > ->
> >ml ->
> huu..... i think i will give just my 2 cents on this .....
> at first, why 95% of the virusses are designed for windows systems ?
> maybe, because 95% of the antivir software runs under windows ??

That's one way to make your code "famous". And easy to spread.

> who is making all this nifty, ugly virusses ?? are there really thousands
> of people out there that have nothing else to do than to attack other peoples
> computers ??? i guess not......
> who can have an interrest on new virusses ??? guess ....

This heads to the suggestion these virus scanner people develope these
new viri...
and I'd be very very careful to suggest this idea. It's as true as M$
produces flawless software. These anti viri programmer do know their
counterparts... but they are on the proper side.

> i think it will be no problem to code virusses for linux/freebsd/whatever also,
> because the system is completely open, an attacker can easy figure out what
> point is the best to attack to destroy anything......but the new ones come preferably for windows.

This is one point. (Hopefully) nobody uses binarys from unknown origin
on Linux/BSD. If, only setuid root programs can be of harm, since these
(or working as root) will infect others. The unix ownership strategie
protects to some extend. The user "willi" is not able to harm anything
but his own stuff. Marco viri can be a problem (how about star office on
that topic??) but only to *THE* user himself.

> if there were no new virusses around, than there would be no need for new anti virus
> software. so, who you think now is producing alot of them ????

There are "build your own virus" toolkits about...

> of course one can say, due to the open source philosophy it may be hard to hide
> virus code in a program, but who of us look through every line of code ???

I won't. I can't. But assuming s.o. modifies the -say- SAMBA source with
a virus, manages to replace it with the original (neglecting MD5 sums)
and I compile my own SAMBA from that source. It would be an enourmous
effort and truely a giveaway of the viri code. (As It obviously is with
M$ shell-crap viri or VBS).
Anyway, trusted source, MD5 checksums and GPG keys are best protection

> wouldnt it be easy to infect some pre build librarys/programs that alot of us use ?
> and when it comes to such "partnerships" between virus-os #1 and anti-virus software
> developer #1 im really wondering if they only take time to code *against* virusses !
> sure, there a many, weired, brain damaged people outside there who have fun in doing this,
> but since antivirus software is available, *alot* more virusses came out.......

No. It was put more to the public. And with that, you could become world
famous writing very destructive or virolent code...

> and the last news of saying that m$ discovered a new, ugly virus together with mcaffe
> makes me really think.....

probably Windows itself???

> btw, in the long time i had to use win systems, i only got 3 virusses.... 3 of them in about 8 years
> of m$ os usage ! and believe me, i got alot of files out of the net, but all these 3 infections were
> due to infected floppy-disks of my friends ! (and the best, three times the same, at this time 4 year
> old virus !)

I found the first virus when so. demonstrated mac Afee. (fresh infection
that came with a program on disk. first infection from an unknown
source, probably a gaming software)
Later (also at work) the disk drives were "disconnected" by software.
you could only read from disk after scanning and electronically stamping
the disk. This cought also a few (2-3) viri. Most famous was parity
boot, that also caused protection faults on win 3.11.
Later, we had a few macro viri, usually cought by scanning. Now we run
inocculan on NT.
There were also 2-3 viri distributed on this list in about 3 years.
(happy99, live stages and one that escape me now, life stages is now a
collectors item with our IT boss)

> crazy world......

more interesting are exploits. Exploits are the "viri of unix". One has
to be up to date, particulary if you're online 24/7.

> greets,
> chris


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