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Re: [SLE] Further Tales of Horror!
Mail this link to as many editors and columnists as possible. OMG and I
thought medicine was a bitch. The problem is clear. The execs (like the
politicians) don't have a clue. If a guy like me (a newbie and at best a
novice) can figure out that M$ is spewing propoganda to make sales and their
statements about their product are at best less than factual, why can't the
CTOs/CIOs/and CEOs get a clue. They don't seem to grasp the fact that all the
down time that costs money to the businesses could be avoided. Look to the
banks - there all base in Unix, aren't they?

On Friday 25 May 2001 02:21 pm, Fred A. Miller wrote:
> "This is not the experience you get when you use Windows NT Server.
> However, with Windows 2000 now out in the marketplace, the current
> assertion is that all of the problems we encountered with Windows NT
> have now been solved. Didn't we hear this when NT 4.0 was first
> released ? Needless to say, with every problem Windows 2000 has solved,
> it introduces another, along with a plethora of arcane and
> unnecessarily complicated new concepts that have already spawned a
> score of books that attempt to explain them. All this is supposedly to
> provide us with the ultimate server solution. I have a better
> solution--switch to Linux."

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