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Re: [SLE] extended keys
On Friday 25 May 2001 02:55 am, Pupeno wrote:
> I have a logitech keyboard with extended keys (play, stop, mail, etc, etc).
> I would like to use them on KDE, I saw that they send standard key codes
> (with xev), but I'm not sure how to configure .Xmodmap and KDE, do you know
> how ?

Special thanks go to Rafael Herrera for his work and helping me figure out
the following:

Ok, this is for people who happen to have the Microsoft Internet Pro
Keyboard, the one with the blue/gray buttons across the top. The keyboard
that I have is the ergonomic style, but this may also work for those with the
non-ergonomic version.

The buttons across the top of the keyboard have the following keycodes:
Back 234
Forward 233
Stop 232
Refresh 231
Search 229
Favorites 230
Web/Home 178
Mail 236
Mute 160
Volume - 174
Volume + 176
Play/Pause 162
Stop 164
Prev Track 144
Next Track 153
Media 237

I used "xev" (running in a terminal) to get the keycodes.

Now, in the file ~/.Xmodmap (the file is in your home directory), you can add
lines like:
keycode 236 = F13
keycode 178 = F14

and it will assign those keycodes to "virtual function" keys. Then when you
run "startx" to launch your X session, this file is parsed and you now have
those keys available for use in the menu editor.

I wanted KMail to start when I pressed the "Mail" button -- so I brought up
the Menu Editor, expanded Internet and clicked on KMail. Then I clicked on
the Advanced tab, and clicked on the "Change" button. I then selected "Custom
Key" and clicked on the command button provided, and pressed the "Mail"
button on my keyboard. This put "F13" in the box, and I then clicked on "OK"
and "Apply" in KControl.

Now when I press the "Mail" button, up pops KMail!

I hope this helps someone else :)


PS: I don't know if this works with KDM or not, if it does or doesn't, please
reply and let me know, thanks!

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