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Re: [SLE] How many people here play Linux games? And which ones?
On Friday 25 May 2001 09:47 am, Matthew wrote:
> Hey,
> Just wondering how many on this list actualy play games on their
> Linux boxes? If, so which ones?
> I have:
> Jagged Alliance 2
> Soldier of Fortune
> Descent 3
> Heavy Gear 2
> Intend to get:
> NeverWinter nights
> Anarchy-online, if they release a Linux version
> ShadowBane for the same reasons above.
> Kohan
> Rune
> And whatever lse may come along that is interesting.
> Matt

I play Tribes2, Q3A and UT all the time... I was a Tribes2 beta tester on
Linux, and found out something interesting during that time.

It appears that Tribes2 runs better on Linux than it does on Windows, due to
superior texture handling efficiencies in Linux that aren't as effecient in

AFAICT, all 3 of these games run better under Linux than they do in Windows,
and I've played both Q3A and UT in Windows a LOT. I have no reason to buy
Tribes2 for Windows, as it runs very very very well under Linux.

Take care,

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