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Re: [SLE] How many people here play Linux games? And which ones?
I just started playing games on Linux. I am playing Terminus for about a month now and I just received my order of Alpha Centauri and Tribes 2 (but didn't get a chance to play them yet).


--On Friday, May 25, 2001 06:47:27 AM -0700 Matthew <matthew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Just wondering how many on this list actualy play games on their
Linux boxes? If, so which ones?

I have:

Jagged Alliance 2
Soldier of Fortune
Descent 3
Heavy Gear 2

Intend to get:

NeverWinter nights
Anarchy-online, if they release a Linux version
ShadowBane for the same reasons above.

And whatever lse may come along that is interesting.


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