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RE: [SLE] Comments on NVidia Quadro-2 video cards.
  • From: "Stuart Powell" <stuart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 12:25:14 -0500
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Hello, everyone.

Just thought I'd pass on my $0.02. I have been an Nvidia user for a long
time, starting with the Riva based Diamond Viper V330 (nostalgic tear). I
recently bought a couple of Gainward/CardExpert GeForce 2 MX Twinview cards
and an Asus V7100 Pure which is a GF2MX without the bells and whistles. Now
don't shout at me for this next bit, but these cards are all running under
W2K right now. They run great. Performance is very nice. The Gainward
cards use 5.5ns memory instead of the industry standard 6ns type. This
allows them to be overclocked quite a long way before you run into problems.
They also come with a fan on the chip to further aid cooling, but the GF2MX
doesn't actually get that hot anyway; a heat sink is usually sufficient for
this chip.

I was reading on the Nvidia site that the new 1.0 drivers support the
Twinview mode. How successful it is, I don't know yet. But since those
cards are <= $120, it is probably cost effect to get one to try it out. As
for SMP support, they seem to put out drivers for RedHat SMP kernels, and I
did see one for SuSE7.0 SMP kernel, but haven't yet seen one for SuSE7.1
SMP. We can but hope, since I have 4 SMP machines at home.

And just to redeem myself, the ASUS card will be going into a fresh Linux
box which is just waiting for its new hard drive. I am one of those people
who currently live in that limbo type void of users of both Linux and MS.
Although my W2K machine is beginning to become a little unstable after about
6 months of flawless operation. Oops, getting off topic.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I like the Nvidia stuff. It works for me,
and I'm looking forward to seeing how well they work under Linux, too. I am
watching this thread with a great deal of interest.

Bye for now,

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The vendor doesn't care what we will use it for. I said we will use it
for computational purposes. These cards get hyped for running 3D
graphics, which means games. We won't be using it for playing games, so
I care for Linux support for 2D and dual head. Also, does the driver
work well in dual processor systems? (Yes, maybe when enlightenement .17
comes out I'll be interested in its 3D support.)

Recent discussions here mentioned people having problems with the card,
what's the current status? comments from people actually using this kind
of card will be appreciated.

PS. NVidia web site mentions problems/issues with OpenGL + Xinerama
(don't work together, same as Matrox) and OPenGL + SMP (I don't think
the Matrox G450 has problems in this area.)

Thanks for the comments.

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