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Re: [SLE] Editor's Note: RIP: Linux on the Desktop
I agree completely, not only would the developers mourn if the other side
faded away, but alot of end-user would be missing out. The "big thing" for
me as a end-user and a newbie of just under a year is all the "CHOICE".
Something that is at the heart and soul of Linux and the #1 fear of M$.
Having one of the LInux mainstays flounder would mean everyone would lose out.
I know it's essential and enevitable that if Linux is to gain widespread
acceptance that they will have to court wall street and the market. I just
don't want to see a lot of hard and sound work become cannon fodder for th
bears and the bulls. I've been involved with the sciences more years than I
care to count. Programmers are not that different from the physicist or the
biologist - they are perfectionist and very protective about their work and
reputations. Quibbling is a part of the game. But, let the marketers get a
hold of it and watch all the hype and marketing angles run amuk. Screw em!
As a very enthusiastic end-user all I can say is Just Do What You Do Best and
let the others scratch their heads.

Thank you for your efforts and work in developing this OS and for giving me a
tool I find both enjoyable and stimulating.

Cheers and keep kicking ass, Curtis Rey

On Tuesday 22 May 2001 10:38 pm, Kevin Breit wrote:
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> On Tuesday 22 May 2001 03:09 pm, you wrote:
> > OK, it's official: people should stop equating "Linux on the desktop"
> > with GNOME and it's components. I think the rabid GNOME people are
> > thinking, "well, the solution I wanted to win has been faltering, but KDE
> > sucks, so we're dead in the water." They seem to hate KDE so much that
> > they ignore it, but if anything kills KDE, it's that piss-poor attitude.
> I dunno, for GNOME being equated with the desktop, Konqueror has gotten a
> ton of sexy press lately.
> <the following statements in now way regard the GNOME project, simply
> myself> I am a member of the GDP (Gnome Documentation Project). For quite
> some time, I was using KDE 2.x. Yes...KDE, while contributing to Gnome.
> I knew a few others like that too. I think it's also important to
> recognize that coolo (of KDE fame) does spend much time on the #docs
> channel on the Gnome IRC servers. I really have to wonder how much we HATE
> the other desktop environment. Yeah, we got some harsh words for the other
> side, but we're competitors...welcome to competition boys. I think that
> the stereotype of the environments hating eachother are trolls on the
> forums more than the actual contributing members. How many of the people
> ripping on the other side actually make regular and quality commits? Maybe
> it's even better to ask how many people ripping on the other environment
> are developers. Take a look at the numbers. IMHO, I think both sides
> would mourn a little bit if the other side died for whatever reason.
> Thanks
> Kevin Breit
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