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Re: [SLE] Common Criteria and ITSEC
  • From: Stefano Papini <stefano.papini@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 09:34:00 +0100
  • Message-id: <3B08E108.58EA9087@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Tom,
the steps towards CC or ITSEC standards have beeb made in all Europe
independently from a specific politic "color" (at least, it is not only
an only italian issue).
I gave a look at, and this is a good
starting point, I guess.
I agree on the nonsense on sw licenses (for who knows italian situation
SIAE history is really a shame).
It's not a pb. of Linux only, is a real legal attack (undoubtely heavily
sponsored by end user sw tycoon) to "Free Software", in advantage of who
wants to limit free software diffusion (so basicly to limit freedom).

Anyway, thanks for feedback.


tom poe wrote:
> On Friday 18 May 2001 05:40, Stefano Papini wrote:
> > Hello community,
> > sorry for direct mail, high priority and mail size, but I think these
> > 30secs to read the mail could prevent Free Software from getting a heavy
> > limitation and widespread diffusion.
> >
> > The issue is about Common Criteria (and ITSEC) standard compliance,
> > which AFAIK linux is lacking of.
> Stefano: I typed in and was taken to a fancy shockwave
> entry page, and a lot of German. Is this the right url to see what you're
> referencing? I haven't followed the thread, so forgive me.
> My impression was that Italy is engaging in a lot of nonsense about licensing
> and access, and that much of it surrounds a media mogul that is about to take
> over as, what, prime minister, or something? He apparently has an interest
> in controlling access to the Internet. Am I way off on this?
> Linux is not interested in competing with the proprietary folks, as far as I
> know. What, in your opinion, might happen when the GmBH, or ITSEC, or
> whomever, "decertifies" linuxOS? What, in your opinion, happens in industry?
> Thanks, Tom

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