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Re: [SLE] Win vs. Lin [was] [SLE] Resolution
I've been using Linux since July of 2000 and I still consider my self a
newbie. Linux distro's come with so many programs and apps that I don't
think I've even started to understand a 10th of what's there.

The point is that I've used windows for about 7-8 years and "the only"
advantage to using Windows is that the vast majority of programs are writing
for that piece of crap. I have had windows just hose it's self out of the
blue (ya, know - BSOD). The only time that Linux has been hosed is when I do
something to cause it - it doesn't die unless "i" kill it. As with Ben, the
only thing I use Windows for is to play games. And, If Loki and the other
game developers make more games for Linux then Bill can kiss my A$$.
It will be very interesting to see the state of Linux in 5 years.

Think about windows five years.ago. Win3.x was a sluggish piece of crap and
then W95 came out - computers took off and software development exploded.
Now sales of Windows OS' are on a slow and steady decline and Alternative OS'
such as Linux are making steady gains. Governemts and businesses are
starting to ditch M$ base products and going open source (the U.S has started
to run Linux in a vast array of departments[can you say NASA], German gov has
outlawed M$ on official and military systems and enterprise is finally seeing
the light). Once the software developers start to support Linux in mass there
will be no more sh^tty OS to suck money and keep the public from experiencing
truely <empty clipboard>inovative and financially sound computing.

Learn how it works from the ground up, before it's gets all the GUI
interfaces that the common user needs - Stay Ahead Of The Curve. Read, Ask,
And Answer.
And yes Ben is right - Lately I've been doling out more help then I've been
needing questions answered! If you can graduate from school then Linux is
just a simple study project - No Sweat, Just a bit of effort at first :)

On Sunday 20 May 2001 01:43, Ben Rosenberg wrote:
> This is a load of crap. I built a W2K/98 box yesterday out of parts I
> had laying's not a bad box...
> K6-III 400
> 256M of RAM
> Viper 550
> SMC 10/100 NIC
> AWE 64
> All in all..not a bad box..but I can tell you this. I have had to
> reinstall DiabloII twice because it smoked itself, I had to re sys the
> C: drive because I installed Office2000 and when it rebooted it said it
> was an invalid system disk and many other trials and tribulations over
> the last 2 days. I will tell you this .. I have been using Linux/Unix
> exclusively for about 4 years now..and I never have this much
> frustration with setting up software. I forgot that one walks on
> eggshells when running Windows. It's pretty much garbage. I will keep
> the box for a while as it is and play the games until I get frustrated
> enought with this toy OS...and when this level of frustration occurs
> then it will just become a FreeBSD box.
> I don't, can't, won't ever believe this crap about Windows being easier.
> It's a crock. What's easier is putting up with what you know even if
> it's shit...because RTFMing and asking questions to get one's self up to
> speed on something else is too much of a pain in the arse. Windows isn't
> is just something to cause me more hair loss and that's something *I* do
> not need ;)
> I say go back to bill more money or pirate there software,
> but don't whine. Ask questions and we will help and after a bit you will
> realize as many of here have that you don't need so much help and you
> are giving more help then taking it...and man, that's a good feeling to
> learn and know what your doing. I know it's frustrating..but don't give
> up so easy.
> * Chris M Miller (cmmiller73@xxxxxxxx) [010519 23:29]:
> ->
> ->Too late.
> ->
> ->Due to my lack of Linux/Unix skill/experience, I fucked up X Server. Now
> ->all I get it text.
> ->
> ->I'm not good enough to troubleshoot it, so I'll just have to re-install
> ->SuSE.
> ->BTW, what do I check in /etc/XF86/Config...not much help...pretty
> ->obsecure to me...Maybe I'll stick to using Widnows 2000, at least that
> ->works the way Bill wanted it to for me.
> ->
> ->

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