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Re: [SLE] New KDE2 packages on LinuKS?
On Thursday 17 May 2001 11:25 pm, Timothy R.Butler wrote:
> Ben,
> > Yeah, they are..but I installed them and go the 'can't connect to
> > DCOPserver' error..and I couldn't remember if there was a fix for it or
> > I just put the April 28th build back in. If anyone installs
> > these packages over the Apr. release and you get the same error, but fix
> > it..let me know how you did it. ;)
> The only time I've experienced the error you described is after I've been
> fooling with .kde2 directory using root, and the ownership information is
> screwed up. Doing a chown -R tbutler.users ~/.kde2/* works quite well at
> clearing up any problems I have.
> -Tim

I just upgraded to the May 14th release (all qt and KDE2 packages) and didn't
have any problems with the DCOPserver deal that you mentioned.

Have fun, and good luck!

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