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Re: [SLE] Mozilla 0.9 SuSE RPMs
On Friday 18 May 2001 01:36 am, Timothy R.Butler wrote:
> > Nothing. Their server is making a query of your browser and it's not
> > giving the proper response. As I have said before and got a lot of flack
> > for ...they query the browser and if THEY the webdevelopers (if you want
> > to call them that) don't think you have a supported browser..they deny
> > you access. Konq replies most of the time now as Konqueror 5 which is
> That's gotta be one of my favorite Konqi features though, you can make it
> appear to be another browser... <g> Makes me feel like I should say I'm
> "Butler, Tim Butler" when I run that - double-0 404, license to lie to
> website's client info requests. ;-)
> -Tim

*LOL* Good one :)

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