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  • From: Juergen Braukmann <juergen.braukmann@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 19:08:21 +0200
  • Message-id: <3B040585.A296318B@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Pep wrote:

Hi Pep,

please make your mailer break lines afte 70'something chars. This looks
a bit messy now ;-(

> I got a Xircom 10/100 Lan + 56K Modem CardBus card on a Toshiba TECRA 8000 laptop and I have no way to set up the ethernet interface. Modem works fine, and my other SCSI PCMCIA card works great! This means PCMCIA configuration is fine. I have checked a lot of times mem addr and IRQs conflicts.
> But that is so simple whenever I do a "ifconfig eth0 up" the laptop locks. Also if I use yast and yast2 to set up the network I got the same problem when it tries to initilize the ethernet interface (suseconfig runs after configuration and the laptop hangs up).

This moght be no help at all, but a very far guess / hint:

After upgrading to 7.1 on my lap (Siemens Scenic 700) I had the same
problem, felt pi**ed and went for a fresh install: voila, network but no
sound. Next I was pi**ed with the soundcard description. OSS recognised
it and with that data I went into ALSA. Voila, network and sound.

After the next reboot, it went back into hang-yourself-up mode. Disabled
sound, reboot, voila: network. Restarted sound: Sound and network.
Finally, I ended up resorting the start order and all seems fine now.

I do not know what sort of conflict I was encountering, but guess some
weired IRQ / PCI / IO or whatever collition.

Idea could be to boot into runlevel 1 (lilo: linux 1) at the boot
prompt, cd into /etc/init.d/rc5.d and execute all start scripts in
alphanumerical order, leaving some doubtful candidates out and see what

> Time ago I used redhat on this machine with the same hardware, and it worked from the first day! SuSE support team don't help you with PCMCIA because they argue it is advanced configuration they don't support. The fact is that it is very basic network configuration, and without it my laptop is useless.
> I found out at source forge web that I am not the only one with this problem (at least we are two). So, nobody has approached it with success??? Is that simple that PCMCIA in SuSE doesn't work for some hardware it does on redhat, and there is no support at all for it?
> I have already post this question before on the list. The fact is that I am very desperate, and a bit pissed of with SuSE.

/little rant on
yes. I know the feeling. But that is what this list is good for. Once
you over a certain stage in Linux, you start to believe that install
support is as usuable as windows help.
This list is the proffessional supporter sitting on our knees. ;-)
/little rant off


> Thanks.
> Pep Serrano <pep@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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