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OT: was '"Linux friendly" provider in Belgium' now Linux Beer Hike
  • From: Juergen Braukmann <juergen.braukmann@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 18:50:27 +0200
  • Message-id: <3B040153.B466DA4D@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Guy Van Sanden wrote:
> Hello Arjen
> I'm afraid you will have a lot of trouble with that...
> I live in Belgium, and to my shame, I think it's one of the most
> Linux-unfriendly countries in the World.
Ha! We want to change that. The "Linux beer hike 2001" *is* taking place
in Belgium, August 25th to Sept. 1st. The location is bouillon.

see for more information.

Hopefully, more than 100 nerds will invade the city.

> I have Cable access at home (telenet), I got it working on my own, my
> provider 'allows' Linux, but there is NO support, not anything, they
> even refuse to put in a network-card if you're not running Windows...
> or plug in the modem if you've gotten the card working yourself.
> If you call with a problem, even if it's on their side (like a server
> being down), and you mention that you're running Linux, they simply
> refuse your call!

Oh, that looks bad. We still need a cheap (better, free sponsoring)

> And the situation is the same for all providers I know over here.
> They use Linux on some of their servers, but there's no support for
> their clients... It even goes as far as that I'm not able to access
> the web-sites (even the internal helpdesk-site) of my provider...
> I hate to admit it, but Belgium still is M$-owned.... and very few
> people out here are fighting that.

I thought that Britain was the same -by talk and behaviour of some
friends there-.
But LBW2000 in Coniston told me different. ;-)

> I was lucky to find 1 job were I could work with UNIX (and after a
> while even Linux) outside of the country's capital...
> The best you can do is to choose a provider that has ADSL or cable
> connected to a network card. Buy the card yourself, and set up DHCP
> (let them do the windows install, and grab the settings from there if
> you have to).
> This should work. I've heard some people here in belium are using
> 'planet internet-adsl' or 'skynet-adsl' with Linux, but again, it's
> not supported in any way...
> I'm sorry I can't help you any further.
> Kind regards
> Guy


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