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Re: [SLE] Alt lost on XEmacs
  • From: Jesse Marlin <jesse.marlin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 11:24:09 -0400
  • Message-id: <15107.60697.560763.789665@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Derek Fountain writes:
> > You might want to consult the man page for XF86Config. I am sitting in
> > front of a xf-3.3.6 box right now, and don't know if the syntax is the
> > same for xf-4.??.
> First place I checked when you made the suggestion. The man page doesn't
> mention it.

Well here is what I have. You might try it and see if it works. I suspect
that it will.

The Keyboard section is used to specify the keyboard input
device, parameters and some default keyboard mapping
options. The entries available for this section are:

Protocol "kbd-protocol"
kbd-protocol may be either Standard or Xqueue.
Xqueue is specified when using the event queue
driver on SVR3 or SVR4.

AutoRepeat delay rate
changes the behavior of the autorepeat of the key­
board. This does not work on all platforms.

forces the X server to handle the numlock key
internally. The X server sends a different set of
keycodes for the numpad when the numlock key is
active. This enables applications to make use of
the numpad.

LeftAlt mapping
RightAlt mapping
AltGr mapping
ScrollLock mapping
RightCtl mapping
Allows a default mapping to be set for the above
keys (note that AltGr is a synonym for RightAlt).
The values that may be specified for mapping are:


The default mapping when none of these options are
specified is:

LeftAlt Meta
RightAlt Meta
ScrollLock Compose
RightCtl Control

XLeds led ...
makes led available for clients instead of using
the traditional function (Scroll Lock, Caps Lock &
Num Lock). led is a list of numbers in the range
1 to 3.

enables the SYSV-style VT switch sequence for non-
SYSV systems which support VT switching. This
sequence is Alt-SysRq followed by a function key
(Fn). This prevents the X server trapping the
keys used for the default VT switch sequence.

VTInit "command"
Runs command after the VT used by the server has
been opened. The command string is passed to
"/bin/sh -c", and is run with the real user's id

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