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Email Server II - Backup and Restore
I attempted to build Email Server II last week for the first time. Things
went OK, but I made a couple of mistakes a long the way, and wanted to set
them right. One mistake was misnaming the domain that the server would be
handling. I also used an underpowered machine. I did however, enter a lot of
user accounts correctly.

Today I've taken a much better machine and built Email Server II on it
from scratch, and applied the patch from the support site. The machine is up
and running. Now I would like to move the user accounts over and get them
setup. I've done a backup of the old machine as per the manual, and then I'm
attempting to do a restore. (Pages 13 & 14 in the manual) I am having

If I choose to do

bash ./ backup.tar.gz -a

it tells me there are failures due to the change in domain names.

If I choose to do

bash ./restore backup.tar.gz -i

it appears to install the users accounts, but when I use the configuration
tool via the browser, I see no user accounts. (Via USER
CONFIGURATION->EDIT->Apply filter) I have rebooted the machine just to be

What do I need to do to get the user accounts moved over? Is there a more
manual way to do this?

Thanks in advance,

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