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Updating 7.0
  • From: Cory Steers <cory.steers.gmu9@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 16:05:27 -0500
  • Message-id: <FFE54901205FD311B3BA00902771C69C0D7D5CCA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I must admit that I'm completely confused about how to keep my
machine updated with the most current version of all the packages. It's my
understanding that if you go into yast, choose install packages, and point
it at that you could use the
interactive TUI to update the packages with a "[o]" by them. However, I'm
currently reloading my machine for the second time due to problems. The
problem that I'm consistently having is once I've upgraded something,
presumably XF86_SVGA, is that I can no longer get "startx" from the command
line to run my Xsession. I keep getting some "permission denied, but don't
set your binary to SUID" message. This second time I also had trouble
rebooting to my default lilo choice, and there was all this 2.2.19 stuff
even though I'm running a 2.2.16 kernel.

In short I'm very confused about how this is supposed to help me
over just ftp-ing the RPM packages down manually and updating the system
myself. This is how I maintain a Red Hat box. The potential benefits of a
automated system that provides a convenient way to update your system
including checking dependencies etc. does not out weigh the costs of reload
because of it. Any clarification on what I may be doing wrong would be
greatly appreciated.


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