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Re: [SLE] Free Beer vs. Free Speech [was] 7.1 ISO
On Saturday 12 May 2001 07:22, you wrote:
> Nevermind. I am not sure any of this conversation makes any sense at
> all. There is no installable eval..and there won't be. No flame war or
> name calling will bring this about. Who cares.

Well, sort of..

While perusing the ftp site the other day, I came across a directory named
'Japanese'. Located within this were 7 .iso files. All sitting there nicely
waiting to be downloaded.

That being said, someone back up the line (Lenz I think) said just download
them and install in your favorite language. You DON'T have to install in

So there you have it folks. The complete 7.1 version available to download in
.iso format. Burn as many copies as you want. Then quit complaining about not
having an iso to download.

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