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Re: [SLE] Free Beer vs. Free Speech [was] 7.1 ISO
  • From: dizzy73 <dizzy73@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 23:43:17 -0400
  • Message-id: <3AFCB155.17061134@xxxxxxxxxx>
> >I really
> > wish people (you Ben) would understand that not all people use the eval
> > versions are just looking for FREE BEER. Do we all understand now?
> Do you mean you personally don't have SuSE Linux? Please point me to the
> place in SuSE license which prohibits software installation on more
> than one computer.

Rite... this is *exactly* what I was thinking! Whats to stop doing an install from
your *paid* disks... then if the client is interested Im qiute sure they would
have no objection of forking over a measly $70!
Cripe! if an real client objected to dumping $70 for a server envioriment.. I
wouldnt guess them to have much $$ for IT support!!

My main shock is that it is Professionally produced and says "eval" what do you
think that means....? If you *decide* to pay for it?? How the heck is Suse
supposed to stay in business? Further Id guess if it dosnt meet particullar
"needs" then obiviously move on to find the |-->FREE<--| os which survival is
based on if the user decides to pay for it.

I suggest doing the demos from your paid disks


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