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Re: [SLE] Re: [OT} Linux Commercial Idea
Hi Doug,
> You are against Napster. Have you ever tried to get some music from 20 or
> more
> years ago? Stuff that hasn't been converted to CD? Stuff that, at last
> print, was on 45 RPM records? Or on 78's? I am really, really P.O.'d that
> they have run Napster into the ground. I am not trying to cheat the rotten
> recording industry, but there is simply no way to obtain some of the old
> records that one occassionally hears on a radio station. Back to you, OM.

You may be right on those. However, let's face it most people use Napster
for the new stuff, IMO. The point is, I have nothing against the "Napster
idea" (distributed computing/file sharing), although I do see the need for
respect of copyrights.


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