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Starting MYSQLD on boot time

I'm trying to have the mysql server loaded on boot time for 3 days but just
can't make it working properly. I created a script called mysqld based on
skeleton (/etc/init.d/skeleton) set everything right. Created a symbolic link
within /sbin called "mysqld" and pointing to /usr/local/mysql/bin/safe_mysqld.

I pass to it the correct pid file argument (-> /var/run/ When the
mysqld script is loaded with the "start" argument, it loads correctly the
deamon but reports a failure. Then when I try to stop the deamon, it cannot
find the correct process and the mysql server keeps running.

I found, within the MySQL documentation some stuffs (not quite clear) about
the mysql.server script. It runs okay, but I don't know if it is possible to
implement this script in the boot system.

After configuring mysqld in /etc/init.d, I loaded 'insserv mysqld' which
didn't report any error, added the line START_MYSQLD to /etc/rc.config then
loaded SuSEconfig which worked right too.

Note that the START_MYSQLD I added to /etc/rc.config is properly understood
when booting, but reports a deamon load failure (but the deamon is actually

System informations:

SuSE 7.1 K2.4.0
MySQL 3.23.37 (installed from the tarball sources into /usr/local/mysql)

I really need to configure this quickly, thank you for your help! :)


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