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Re: [SLE] Mozilla 0.9 Released

> 1) The pointer of the mouse should shnge to hourglass or any other icon
> that tells you that is "doing something" (the standard is that the mouse
> pointer changes and the browser logo animation starts)

It has a spinning gear logo.

> 2)on the status bar of the browser it should tell yuo some protocol
> information, "contacting web site", the resolved IP address, "getting
> items", "downloading page at 4KB/ps", etc.

It does all of these things (Contacting such and such, Downloading at
4KB/ps, Loading Complete, et. al.).

> The most important is the second one, because the first one just only tells
> you that is ding something, but lets say that you DNS is down, you only
> will find out that just getting the info of the status bar, because you
> will see the domain is not resolved to its IP address.

It may say something about DNS, I really can't tell, my connection is to
fast (I'm really sad about that one ;-)).

> I think those are very important features for a web browser, and Mozilla
> and Opera supports them

So does Konqi (using 2.1.1 with KDELIBS 2.1.2 right now).


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