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RE: [SLE] [OT] Rebuilt computer just beeps
I rebuilt a box once and ran into a similar problem. As it turned out
one of the memory slots was shorting out against an unused metal post
(used to attach the motherboard to the case). The new motherboard
had a different arrangement of mounting holes, and one post was
unused. It was making contact with the soldered underside of a
memory slot. I just used some electrical tape on top of the post
and that ended the problem.

A long shot I know, but you never can tell..........:)

Cleary_Mike@xxxxxxx x6033
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Thanks to all for the pointers to the beep codes. Alas, it didn't help;
an Award bios and a no-name motherboard. And none of the descriptions of
codes mention continual, regular beeping; they all describe groups of beeps
sequences of up to 11 single beeps. This guy beeps until I shut him off.

The motherboard has slots for both DIMMs and SIMMs. I've tried using a
DIMM from another computer but couldn't seem to get it to seat properly.
original 32MB DIMM I was trying is probably bad, since the other [working]
computer didn't recognize it.)

I'm thinking of trying to pick up a pair of SIMMs (which is what was there
I last used the board), but I don't want to waste my money on SIMMs for a
that wouldn't run anyway. So perhaps I should turn the question around: if
start up a motherboard with no memory, is it likely to emit continual


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