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Re: [SLE] Mozilla 0.9 Released
  • From: Greek Geek <bobbyg@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 18:39:18 +1200
  • Message-id: <3AF79496.1030203@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All & Tim,

who typed,


But to downloald the Worlds Best Browser *flame-bait, flame-bait,*
follow this yellow brick, url....

I'll bite. Everyone knows the world's best browser is clearly Konqueror. Konqi is faster, more stable, more extensible, and more integrated than Mozilla. It's also free of NPL code, using only 100% GPL'ed BSD licensed, or LGPL'ed open source code. Just go download KDE 2.1.1/2, and enjoy the best browser experience this side of Redmond. ;-)



Well of course you have a point or two therein! The license thing does not "bug" me in this case....

I must add, that in customizing the "Personal Toolbar Folder," in "Manage Bookmarks," is very crash like.

BUT, aside from that, it is stable as, so far.... It even displays AMDzone, without the crash & burn thing!


Greek Geek :-)

"You who hate the Jews so, why did you adopt their religion?" -- Friedrich Nietzsche, addressing anti-semitic Christians

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