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Re: [SLE] Mozilla 0.9 Released
  • From: Ben Rosenberg <ben@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 23:18:34 -0700
  • Message-id: <20010507231834.A26018@xxxxxxxxx>
* Ernesto Marquina (emarquina@xxxxxxxxx) [010507 22:55]:
->Other problem of Konqi, a piece of software should inform you of the things
->that is doing, in most of the cases that doesnt happen with Konqi, lets say
->you have a link and you click on it, in a browser 2 things must happen (at
->1) The pointer of the mouse should shnge to hourglass or any other icon that
->tells you that is "doing something" (the standard is that the mouse pointer
->changes and the browser logo animation starts)
->2)on the status bar of the browser it should tell yuo some protocol
->information, "contacting web site", the resolved IP address, "getting
->items", "downloading page at 4KB/ps", etc.
->The most important is the second one, because the first one just only tells
->you that is ding something, but lets say that you DNS is down, you only will
->find out that just getting the info of the status bar, because you will see
->the domain is not resolved to its IP address.
->I think those are very important features for a web browser, and Mozilla and
->Opera supports them
->Just my opinion

Well, for my shouldn't segfault everytime you start it which
Mozilla 0.9 does. I deleted the .mozilla directory and let it recreate
it..and it still I downgraded back to 0.8 which is the last
version that seems to work. Seems they are trading speed for stablity
lately. If 1.0 isn't anymore stable I may go to Konqueror full time.
It's been YEARS that they have been writing Mozilla and it's still
doesn't hold a candle to IE or Konqueror ..

Ben Rosenberg
If two men agree on everything, you can
be sure that only one of them is doing
the thinking.

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