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Re: [SLE] Mozilla 0.9 Released
Other problem of Konqi, a piece of software should inform you of the things
that is doing, in most of the cases that doesnt happen with Konqi, lets say
you have a link and you click on it, in a browser 2 things must happen (at

1) The pointer of the mouse should shnge to hourglass or any other icon that
tells you that is "doing something" (the standard is that the mouse pointer
changes and the browser logo animation starts)

2)on the status bar of the browser it should tell yuo some protocol
information, "contacting web site", the resolved IP address, "getting
items", "downloading page at 4KB/ps", etc.

The most important is the second one, because the first one just only tells
you that is ding something, but lets say that you DNS is down, you only will
find out that just getting the info of the status bar, because you will see
the domain is not resolved to its IP address.

I think those are very important features for a web browser, and Mozilla and
Opera supports them

Just my opinion

Ernesto Marquina
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
-Arthur C. Clarke

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| > Tim, I just wonder if Konqi prints properly for you? In my experience,
| > Konqi just cuts parts of the page that don't fit instead of scaling it.
| > Mozilla scales the pages to fit the paper size.
| Can't say that I've tried enough printing with Konqi to say. I was
| to use Netscape for printing up until recently do to some kind of problem
| with QT's printing system (I have no trouble printing in KDE 2.1.1).
| If this is the case, I'd definately report it using so that
| can be resolved in KDE 2.2 (coming in July!).
| The main thing I want/need though is a browser that shows pages in a
| similar fashion to Internet Explorer - and Konqi fits the "Bill." <g>
| -Tim
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