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mkbootdisk for SuSE?
  • From: Jim Osborn <jimo@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 22:36:49 -0700 (PDT)
  • Message-id: <200105070536.WAA05288@xxxxxxxxxx>
I'm trying to make a boot disk (been at it for going on 40 hours
now...), and someone on another list suggested a utility called
"mkbootdisk" which is exactly what I need. Takes your current kernel
(or one you specify), and any necessary modules for initrd, and
whatever else, and puts it all together into a nice bootable disk.
This is a scsi box, so that initrd business is tricky.

Turns out that "mkbootdisk" is RedHat only; at least I could
find no equivalent in the SuSE ftp site trees (I'm using 6.3
on this machine). I linked /sbin/mk_initrd to /sbin/mkinitrd,
which is RedHat's name for it, but it seems there's more
difference than just the name; the errors I get are:

usage: mk_initrd [root_dir]
rm: unrecognized option `--with/tmp/initrd3230'
open /vmlinuz-2.2.13: No such file or directory

The SuSE mk_initrd apparently wants the root directory, /boot in my
case, whereas the RedHat mkinitrd seems to want the kernel version
number, which it then appends to /lib/modules and various info it
finds in lilo.conf to do its job.

I made a symlink from /boot/vmlinuz, the real kernel, to
/vmlinuz-2.2.13, but apparently mk_initrd doesn't follow symlinks. I
ran into this problem before when upgrading from SuSE 5.3, and had to
remove all symlinks to the kernel. Someone from SuSE mentioned on
this list that mk_initrd now works with symlinks, but I find no
mk_initrd package under current/full-names on the site, so
I'm not sure how I'd upgrade my mk_initrd. SuSE 6.3 seems to have no
manpage for mk_initrd, just initrd.

Does anyone know of a SuSE-capable mkbootdisk? This RedHat utility
sounds like a really, really big help for those of us who for one
reason or another must make a boot disk. In its absence, I guess
I'll go back to the Bootdisk-Howto, the Linux Journal GRUB article,
and friends... :(



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