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Why ReiserFS is consistently crashing on RAID-0?
Hello SuSE folkz,
Did somebody experienced Reiser FS crashes on RAID-0?
I've got ASUS A7V133 mobo with onboard Promise FastTrack100 RAID 0 controller.
I would advice anybody to purchase this shity controller.
I created software RAID 0 array as a /dev/md0 with the chunk size of 32 and
formated it as a ReiserFS partition.
On the second day after the proper reboot I've noticed that kernel is
reporting about missing nodes and files that exist but can't be stat-ed.
I unmounted this RAID0 partition and ran reiserfsck which reported some
inconsistances on the /dev/md0. Then I ran reiserfsck --rebuild-tree.
After I mounted RAID 0 partition back I've noticed that some files are gone.
I repeated mkraid /dev/md0 formated it again as a Reiser FS partition and
reinstalled the system. Three days later I've got exactly the same results
after the proper system reboot.
Could somebody tell me please if Reiser FS is capable of working with RAID 0
at all. Are there any particular details I'm now aware of? What is the
proper chunk size for RAID 0 with Reiser FS - 32, 16 or 8?
Thank you in advance for any help or information.

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