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Re: [SLE] network conf one down one to go
  • From: stephane parenton <sparenton@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 04 May 2001 16:11:56 +0200
  • Message-id: <3AF2B8AC.A22AEC58@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Marcel Broekman wrote:

> The gateway you set with Yast is the default
> gateway. You can only set one default gateway! It
> 's not quite clear to me what you are trying to
> achieve. Do you want to use the SuSE-box as a
> router for the "outside" to the AS/400 (and
> vice-versa)?

ok, now this problem is solved, for I can ping the outside world from my box.... still I have another problem ,that I intentionnaly keep vague, for I want to verify thinks by myself before being precise.... and therefor guided by the hand :)))

Suse 7.0 box is
Another1 box is
Another2 box is

the Suse box has 2 nics, the eth0 is external and is connected to a router directly to the net, the tr0 is internal and links to the nat'ed lan.

>From the box : I ping eth0, tr0, another1 and another2 as well as the outside world, and the computer on the nat'ed lan (192.168.0.x). This is ok....
>From the outside world : I see Suse 7.0, another1 and another2 which is fine...
>From the inside (lan), I can ping the SuSE box, but NOT another1 and another2.... and not the outside world...

I have modified my etc/route.conf, I run a script that run rules for ipchains....

The point is : I want to know what files to check to see what is wrong .... The SuSE box replaces a "RH6.0 another0" box (this box runs fine when connected) that should be no longer connected.... what files must I check in order to solve the problem (any
files related to the problem....). I certainly have missed something, but what and where I don't know... i've checked and checked, but maybe i overlooked and didn't see the evidence.... and missed the one file that could be helpfull

Stephane Parenton

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