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Re: [SLE] Just For Fun
On Wednesday 02 May 2001 08:36 pm, Timothy R.Butler wrote:
> > It's KDE2 w/ Blackbox instead of KWin the KDE2 window manager. You can
> > change this in the startkde script in /opt/kde2/bin. I use to use
> > WindowMaker and KDE. *shrug*.
> Actually, I'm pretty sure Steven's using the Kwin IceWM plugin (in
> otherwords - it is Kwin)... Although, I could be wrong.
> <shameless plug>
> - Tim's Instructions on getting the IceWM for Kwin style to work in
> 2.1.x:
> </shameless plug>
> -Tim


Ok, check this out, it's my script to run the kpager when KDE2 starts up:

kstart --alldesktops --skiptaskbar --type dock --ontop "kpager"

All you have to do is first, position kpager where you want it, quit it, and
then run that command to restart it and strip it of it's decorations and
"dock" it into the desktop.

The same goes for Eterm, which I have used options on to strip its
menu/scrollbar, and used Esetroot to set the background pixmap.

The TTF is Tahoma, copied right from a Windows machine. I don't use
anti-aliasing because it hurts my eyes at this resolution (1600x1200).

Using Tim Butler's help, I was able to compile the IceWM decoration style
into KDE2.1.1, and I modified the title bars for the Area 51 theme, for use
in KDE2... I like my close button all the way to the left because it's too
easy to mistakenly press it when it's so close to the maximize button at this
high of a res.

The style is the stock KDE2 style, with coloring set just like bluesteel on
GTK. I use the BlueSteel GTK theme on my Gnome apps, and everything meshes
together really well (imho of course).

Have some fun :)

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