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Re: [SLE] Just For Fun
Give ximian a chance. (

I am using it now and it's very nice, especially the desktop and the file
manager called Nautilus.

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Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2001 2:08 AM
Subject: Re: [SLE] Just For Fun

> * Steven Hatfield (ashari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [010502 14:16]:
> }=}Hey there fellow SuSErs!
> }=}
> }=}I know we are all busy talking about hacks and xfs and why this or that
> }=}of hardware doesn't work, so I thought I would throw something kinda
fun into
> }=}the mix.
> }=}
> }=}Check out the KDE2 screenshot at:
> }=}
> }=}
> }=}There are a few things to notice, that might not be apparent right
> }=}1) The kpager on the bottom right has no window decorations and seems
> }=}integrated with the desktop.
> }=}2) There is a "/var/log/messages" tail going on that seems integrated
> }=}the desktop and it has no apparent window.
> }=}3) The kpager, gkrellm, and the Eterm displaying the tail do not show
up in
> }=}the taskbar at the top of the screen.
> }=}4) The window decorations aren't even from KDE2.
> }=}5) The desktop is using truetype fonts (not that big of a deal today,
but it
> }=}was still a .. ummm.. pain .. to get working)
> It's KDE2 w/ Blackbox instead of KWin the KDE2 window manager. You can
> change this in the startkde script in /opt/kde2/bin. I use to use
> WindowMaker and KDE. *shrug*.
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