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Re: [SLE] [NEWS] When will SuSE have XFS support?
  • From: Gerhard den Hollander <gerhard@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 10:46:57 +0200
  • Message-id: <20010502104655.E16719@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* Derek Fountain <fountai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (Wed, May 02, 2001 at 09:16:26AM +0100)

>> 2) ReiserFS has been on SuSE since 6.4 and, for example, is being used
>> in production where I work. It's been up since Sept 17,2000 without a
>> crash or data loss. And, my Microsurf co-workers insist on rebooting it
>> every week in order to use Norton's Ghost to mirror the HD. That's 28
>> reboots without a failure. (I wish they'd have used a Linux backup
>> utility like tar, but they carry with them a distrust of software
>> stability earned through long experience with WinXX.

> Does ReiserFS serve NFS files yet? I can't - not won't, but can't - use it
> until it does. And I mean reliably, not some hack.

Reiser has been serving NFS files pretty well w/ 2.2 kernels.
2.4 broke, but the 2.4.3 I downloaded from Suses site (a develop/beta
kernel) works very well.

I guess you'll have to wait till suse 7.2 (or get that download kernel).

And yes, I know all about xfs, it's very good, very reliable on IRIX.
However I have had rather bad experiences trying to get any tech support
from SGI on their Linux boxen.

Still if/when XFS is out there, it will be a viable alternative for Reiser.
And I'd be more than happy to stresstest both side by side on some of my
machines here ;)

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