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Re: [SLE] [NEWS] When will SuSE have XFS support?
  • From: Jerry Kreps <jerrykreps@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 22:23:20 -0500
  • Message-id: <3AEF7DA8.EB1F5583@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Let me offer some suggestions:
1) XFS has just been released - no significant testing has been done.
Before anyone can entertain the suggestion that XFS is the best
journaling system around they should have a large volume of test data to
support such suggestions.

2) ReiserFS has been on SuSE since 6.4 and, for example, is being used
in production where I work. It's been up since Sept 17,2000 without a
crash or data loss. And, my Microsurf co-workers insist on rebooting it
every week in order to use Norton's Ghost to mirror the HD. That's 28
reboots without a failure. (I wish they'd have used a Linux backup
utility like tar, but they carry with them a distrust of software
stability earned through long experience with WinXX.

While milage may vary depending on the hardware envolved, and the
configuration of Linux and its supporting applications, anecdotal
evidence like mine is better than the blue-sky theory which is all the
XFS has for support.


marsaro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Jonathan;
> Why would you think it _should_ be better? New version # or something? I
> just don't get that at all, maybe it is worse, ever consider that?
> Regards,
> Jon

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