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RE: [SLE] Problems setting up Iomega Zip250 drive

> From: S.J. Black


> I read through most of the messages to date, and your problem is most
> probably to do with using a standard kernel.
> For Zips, you need to include either ppa.o (for older drives), or imm.o
> (for the newer 250's).
> 1) make menuconfig this will bring up the kernel menu. Go to the SCSI
> section and make sure you haveSCSI disk support; in the low-level
> drivers of this, you want to ensure that you have IOMEGA support for
> newer disks.

Ah, it seams that the standard kernal does not have imm support built in. I
have added it and rebuilt the kernel, but it shows up some other problems.

When running make bzImage or bzLilio, I get the following error messages:

drivers/scsi/scsi.a(imm.o): In function 'imm_wakeup':
imm.o: undefined reference to 'parport_claim'

..+ another 20-25 of these

The most common 'undefined reference' is to 'parport_release' and

I guess I have not installed a library somewhere along the line.



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