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Re: [SLE] FYI - Mozilla M14 and Corel WPO2000
  • From: fountai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Derek Fountain)
  • Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2000 09:49:42 +0100
  • Message-id: <38E85B26.A8001947@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I've been running Mozilla Milestone14 for three days now. Unlike
> Netscape 4.7.2, which hung the keyboard and mouse frequently on java
> loop displays of animated gifs, M14 never does. M14, however, is
> slower than 4.7.2 by 25 to 35%. I have had 6 crashes in the three
> days I have had M14 installed. There is no reproducible pattern to
> any of the six crashes. At least I don't have to reset my PC to
> regain control when M14 crashes. The email feature is MUCH slower on
> M14 than previous versions of Netscape. CNN still does not recognize
> the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) of M14, which prevents me from
> testing the video options.
> As I said before, I think I'll wait for KDE's Konquorer.

Go easy on Mozilla. It's still alpha, so critising it is a
bit unfair. There's still loads of assertions and debug code
in there so it's hardly suprising it's slow. The beta is due
out this week, which should be at least feature complete,
but I would suggest you avoid that too, unless you really
understand what you are looking at: this isn't finished
code, it's unfair to moan about crashes and poor

On the bright side, Mozilla M14 seems to run a fair bit
faster than Netscape 4.7 on my SMP box. I've a feeling
they've threaded the new rendering engine.

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