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[SLE] Solution to the SuSE 6.3 installation problem
  • From: avi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Avi Schwartz)
  • Date: Sun, 02 Apr 2000 22:31:45 -0500
  • Message-id: <38E810A1.EA43134E@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Well, I managed to get the installer to run on SuSE 6.3. What I did was
to create a small script I called 'rpm' which sits in the path before
/bin/rpm (I put it in /usr/local/sbin which I had to create first).
What this script does is cheat the installer. When it is called with
the parameters '-qi glibc' it returns to the installer the output it
expects. If it is called with any other parameters is just calls
/bin/rpm passing it all the arguments it was called with. If you are
interested in the script you can find it here together with the
run-parts scripts needed by setupWPO200. Download both files and chmod
+x them. Put run-parts in /usr/bin and rpm in /usr/local/sbin (you
might need to create this directory first). After you installed the two
files, run the setup program as per Corel's instructions. On my machine
it displayed the graphical installer and allowed me to complete the
install. The next test is to see whether it actually runs...

The files can be found at:

Important, make sure to remove the fake rpm script once you finished the


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