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[SLE] On-line documentation fixed in 6.4?

Will the web-based documentation work in version 6.4?

I'm running 6.3 out of the box and I can't belive how messed up it is. I
had to make a bunch of changes to the httpd.conf file, and still, the main
help page at http://suse/hilfe/index_e.html has a bunch of href links that
are absolute starting http://localhost which means they don't work from
another machine.

The "Package descriptions" link (http://suse/hilfe/pak_e/index.html) shows
a 404 as do many others.

I just bought 6.3 a week ago. What's the upgrade path to 6.4 if I want the
CDs? But it new again? Any discounts for just buying 6.3?

Bill Moseley

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