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Re: [SLE] Re: An etiquette for this list - a call for discussion
  • From: saschag@xxxxxxxxxx (Sascha Graeber)
  • Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 14:44:30 -0600
  • Message-id: <38E65FAE.123C496C@xxxxxxxxxx>

sorry if sended twice - my provider sucks

Steve Sheriff wrote:

> Please let's leave the list as it is. Anyone who wishes to can join the
> German rule book if they so wish. Here in Spain, we do not have the discipline
> of Northern Europe. We just like to talk. *Please* do not inflict rules upon us.
> It is a relief to newcomers to find a list like this. Just try a previously
> posted question to most other lists to find yourself the idiot of the list in
> no uncertain terms. As a newcomer six months ago I could have got nowhere near where I am
> today without the freedom to talk to this list. We are trying to encourage
> newcomers I hope. Please let them have the same opportunity to post
> as I had.
> Otherwise, yes.

Hey Steve and Clara,
The way the netiquette is intended to be set up does not interfere with
free speech in any way. Being born in Germany I understand the concerns
from people about over-regulation totally. This netiquette - if not
being bloated - will not be an example of such.
I myself would find it helpful to send a copy to every new subscriber.
Those "Test", "HTML" and "long quote" e-mails kindda annoy me.
Especially for newcomers a link to the databases would be great because
many sendmail, firewall and sound problems are VERY similar. IMO there
should not be a need to answer them on a weekly basis.
I am opposed to "RTFM's" as much as you are and I believe this list was
always a good example of how people can work together without editor,
desktop or distro-flaming. (Or @ least not with such a massive extent as
you find it in usenet). This will help to maintain the list as a forum
for both "newbies" and more experienced users. Nobody should become
annoyed by the same stuff every 2 days.

Just the 0.02 from a German Jamerican 8)
cheers - sasa

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