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Re: [SLE] Re: An etiquette for this list - a call for discussion
  • From: budr@xxxxxxxxxxx (Bud Rogers)
  • Date: 01 Apr 2000 11:50:16 -0600
  • Message-id: <87hfdllnhj.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Philipp Thomas <pthomas@xxxxxxx> writes:

> But IMO it wouldn't hurt either to point out places where somebody with a
> question could/should look first before turning to the list. And I'd
> *really* love to see things like HTML postings, unnecessary attachments and
> excessive quoting (and it's specially the latter that annoyed me most
> lately) vanishing from this list or at least getting reduced. And an
> _unofficial_ ettiquette would help achieving that. At least I think it would
> and it seems like others here agree with me.

In general I don't care for followups that give a long quote and then say,
"Me too." But you have said in essence just what I would have written. So
this is in essence a "me too."

There may be a place for HTML in private emails between consenting adults,
but I really don't think it is appropriate for a mailing list. And I would
like it if there were a consistent quoting policy in followups. Some list
members like to quote the entire message and insert responses at the top.
That is also the convention where I work. I hate it. It means you
sometimes have to reread the entire conversation "bottom up" to remind
yourself of previous comments. I find it much easier to follow the flow of
a thread when quotes are trimmed carefully and responses are inserted just
after the material they respond to. And I find it very confusing when the
two conventions are mixed.

I think it would be nice if there were a consensus on such things. Not an
official ruleset, just an acceptable convention.

Bud Rogers <budr@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Assembly of Japanese bicycle require great peace of mind.

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