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[opensuse-project] Suse Bug Reporter - GSoC midterm report
Hello everyone,

The expected/requested functionalities for the project are done. I'm
talking about the CLI version of the tool.
Its main functionalities are splitted in four categories at the moment:
* aid - helps the user to determine which is the „suspected” package
that causes a problem
* gather - scans the system for relevant data to provide in a bug
report or to someone that helps, via IRC let's say
* query - search the Bugzilla instance for bug reports that fit given
keywords and sorts them by relevance
* submit - gets input from the user and submits the bug report to Bugzilla

Underlying nice stuff:
* duplicate search - this feature was very wanted from what I could
tell. I managed to implement it using a sorting by relevance of bug
reports. From what I could see in the tests I've done, it works great.
Also, it supports "excluded words" functionality.
* get assignee + maintainers - I use data from the rpm and then get
the relevant information via OBS, using it's python bindings, not the
shell tool
* check account - verifies that the user has a valid account and if
so, it stores the user's credentials in a hidden file, base64
encrypted and pickled to make them not human readable; if the data is
stored, the user isn't prompted again for username & password when
interacting with bugzilla
* globbing : when searching for a package, you can also do something
like search for ' kde* ' and it will show you what packages match
* searching local rpm database: it also looks in 'provides', not only in 'name'

There are also some other things that I've implemented by necessity,
but I think the ones listed above are the ones that deserve to be
mentioned in this report.

Some sample usage for submitting is here [0].

You can find the repo here: [1]

There is more to the tool that I can think of right now, so if you got
any questions, fire away!

I intend to do also a GUI version but I don't know what to use. Maybe
if libYUI comes along nicely I could use it. What do you think?

Also, I'll research what I can do to have maybe the bug reporter pop
up when something crashes. I'm thinking of listening for specific
signals, like SIGSEGV. Any suggestions are welcome!

Have a nice week!

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