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Re: [opensuse-project] openFATE feature 306967, KDE default
  • From: Will Stephenson <wstephenson@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 17:26:30 +0200
  • Message-id: <200907311726.30995.wstephenson@xxxxxxx>
On Friday 31 July 2009 16:44:37 Andreas Jaeger wrote:
On Friday 31 July 2009 15:52:58 Will Stephenson wrote:
On Friday 31 July 2009 15:27:15 Andreas Jaeger wrote:
On Friday 31 July 2009 15:23:17 Lubos Lunak wrote:

But openSUSE is also a great GNOME distribution - how can we point out
properly that openSUSE has both?

I'm sure we now do a better job of promoting that than Canonical do for
Kubuntu and that would not change.

For me this feature is about 2 things -

First, the project taking the obvious step to recognise what the majority
of our users want and give them that. This would go a long way to
undoing the 'Novell is evil' smell that we can't shake off.

Secondly, giving openSUSE a very strong distinctive feature as a first-
rank distribution that says 'We offer KDE by default because it's what
our users want' compared to other first-rank distributions. Kubuntu and
Pardus aren't in that category and our current "The distro that offers
great KDE and GNOME desktops" position isn't perceived by many people
outside our close circle of contributors - they take Ubuntu because it's
highly successful, or Kubuntu because it's related to Ubuntu.

This should not weaken our support for GNOME, XFCE or anything else.
Look at Kubuntu, which has become a successful project in its own right
despite initial hostility and neglect from Canonical, or Fedora-kde,
which has a contributor community that is of the about the same size as
the openSUSE-kde community.

To me a switch to KDE default looks like putting GNOME one row to the back.
Can we find a better solution than we currently have without giving out
this message? Or is this no great alternative?

I think we can make the message "we recognise and respond to what our users
want". We're not hiding GNOME as is the case with KDE on SLED nor are we
reducing Novell's investment in it.

I'm not a marketeer, but I am married to one. And I've heard from a couple of
places that good marketing orthodoxy is to focus on your biggest market and
give them what they want, and look for untapped markets.

* We say right now "As desktop selection is a matter of taste, we do not
give a recommendation.". What about "Desktop selection is a matter of
taste - and GNOME and KDE are both first-class desktops in openSUSE. Right
now two thirds of our users prefer KDE and a quarter GNOME"?

Sorry AJ, but that's a wishy-washy way of preselecting a radiobutton that
would not get openSUSE the benefits already presented elsewhere.

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