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Re: [opensuse-project] BugBuster team ?
Il giorno ven, 10/04/2009 alle 02.28 -0500, Rajko M. ha scritto:

2) Missing clicky pointy tools to collect for debuggers (developers) useful
information. Now you have to know how run few utilities that are far beyond
average computer user today.

How can you do this in a consistent manner = 1 tool for everything? At
the moment there are tools like bugbuddy, but they are limited to a
certain environment and a certain set of applications.

3) Smolt as a hardware information collector can be useful to some extent,
it is not mentioned anywhere. The siga is not mentioned either.
4) As mentioned few times developers have no time to explain everything.

Point 3 and 4 are imho one of the things that the community testing team
should deal with. But of course any help is welcome!

Current state of mind is that if I, as a helper, can't reproduce bug, I
not report it, because I can't give any info without going back and fort
between ML and bugzilla.

In case that I (nor anyone else) can't tell user what to do, and I have no
place where to put request for help (ie. escalate case), then user is on his
own, unless developers hang on ML.

I don't see much duplication of the Testing Team purpose.

Hmm. I actually see more overlap after this answer, because from what I
understand the BugBuster team should simply become an interface between
users and debuggers/testing team/developers, increasing the steps of the
process. I really would reconsider your idea in the light of becoming a
part of the testing team that takes care of becoming an interface with
the users, so that the reference point stays one.


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