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Re: [opensuse-project] Announcing
  • From: jdd sur free <jdanield@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 16:55:41 +0100
  • Message-id: <458D517D.90109@xxxxxxx>
Pascal Bleser a écrit :

If we can't use the openSUSE logo on our own initiatives, then there is
no such thing as a community.

That's not the problem. If this site is aimed to hold info illegal from the US point of view, it must be clear it's not Novell's supported, that's all... if not, why have two sites :-)

I find it already a pity not having email addresses for
people who contribute a lot to the effort -- but that's (almost) another

right now, openSUSE is quite only Novell. Of course I don't underestimate the community effort (and I'm not Novell myself :-), but the road is long before we can say that the community leads the project... and this is precisely the reason for we need this other site :-)

* it should very clearly state what can be set in, what can't be written
on it (if any) and what should better be on

It's not that easy to "clearly state" it.
We'll just see how it comes along and possibly move things that belong
to over there.

this is the main problem I see now, we don't have so many people and not so many human power free.

It's very good to be able to say "some legal problems forgice us to write some things on official openSUSE web site, feel free to insert then here..."

If it doesn't imply potential legal issues, put it
If it is about mplayer, mad, lame, Packman, Guru, etc.. then we have to
put it on as Novell forbids us to put it on

this very sentence could be a good start as a rule :-)

I think the first goal for us, as the current editors on the wiki are all active helpers on the #suse IRC
channel, is to put content about frequently asked questions that come up
again and again over there.

I personnally don't like IRC, so why you bareky see me there, but this is a very good idea :-)

I hope other websites about SUSE (forums, wikis, ...) will jump over
their shadow and will help contribute into a single wiki (well, two
wikis, and as the current situation
where a lot of information is split all over many different websites is
dissatisfactory IMHO. At least for end users.
As the previous initiative (quite a while back) to try to unify
documentation and articles about SUSE Linux was a complete failure, we
hope it will work out better this time.

I don't think so. there are many communities on the web and each of the living ones have a real (even if unknown) reason to live. merging is much less frequent than splitting :-(

I think it's about time to jump over egos and see the bigger picture,
start working somewhat together will the different parts of the
community. But that's just my opinion.

I have no problem with this for my own :-)


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