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[opensuse-buildservice] ensuring build order for nightly builds
Hi opensuse-buildservice,

we're building our Osmocom binary releases and nightly packages using the
openSUSE build service.

Today, a user has reported a crash using our nightly package build. It turns
out that an ABI incompatibility was introduced in our libosmo-mgcp-client
package (from osmo-mgw) yesterday. Everything would be in order if the osmo-msc
package had been rebuilt after / using the updated libosmo-mgcp-client package,
but apparently the osmo-msc package available in the nightly feed was built
using the previous day's libosmo-mgcp-client headers. Thus the feed offered
packages that were ABI-incompatible, leading to an obscure crash.

Looking at the build timestamps, both builds were apparently started at 1:29
AM, which would explain that the osmo-msc build did not have the finished
osmo-mgw build available yet.

The osmo-msc package's control file includes the line
Depends: osmocom-nightly, libosmo-mgcp-client6 (=
which I assume should prevent this from happening.

Also, says
"The OBS guarantees consistent builds of packages, this means it rebuilds all
packages if a depended package did change."

What are we doing wrong / should we be doing to improve?
Can you help us preventing ABI breakage in our nightly builds?

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