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RE: [opensuse-ambassadors] Re: [opensuse-marketing] Women in Free and Open Source
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I think this ties in with the current interest in identifying our users and
community. (I feel these two groups are distinct: users can become

Dear Helen,

Thanks very much for your kind email.

I run user groups since 1994 so the challenges are becoming mere formalities,

I totally agree with you about women being a minority in Linux. Should we men
try to talk less in Geek language for starters? OK, we are busy, and when our
wives ask for something, what I tend to do is not giving the attention that she
deserves, but attempting to get hold of the keyboard or mouse and solve
whatever the problem was. I do the same with my sister, friends and neighbours.

At SFD last Saturday, I was “jealous” because my wife attending at a wordpress
workshop asked Denis (a NUI member) about themes? Why did she not ask me that
question? In fact, she needed somebody to give her unbiased answer. Coming from
a stranger rather than the husband, because she feared that asking *me* would
make her feel stupid.

Is what follows not generic cases in everybody’s couple? In that, women may
search for hours on how to do something on their computers? Because IT is our
job, women would even just do something else or drop/forget their problem
altogether rather than “disturbing” us with a “stupid” question? Is that
because this or that is “obvious” to *us*? The male?

Is it not true that when having a meal with by coincidence some males (in IT)
we tend to divert to X or Y in IT and women end up having their own
conversation and we indulge in vCloud or whatever new technology?

Women have all sorts of clubs, sports, bingo, sewing, yoga, etc. They may have
their own LUGs as well. In France, women started to vote in 1945 only. Their
salaries are roughly 25% less than their male colleagues, on pension, they have
other issues as well if they carried babies.

I felt very bad yesterday at the Police station while waiting to file a case
for the vandalized new car. All the police officers at the counter were women
and male officers were those who take your case up. I said, OK, I am in the UG
business; I want to liberate women with Linux.

I can help them with logistics and advice, but what they do and how they do it
should be their choice, at their own pace, their way!

I feel like buying them a domain name LinuxPourNousLesFemmes like the famous
cosmetics advert  Stop! What am I doing right now? I am even choosing their
LUG name? Sorry!

Just my 2 cents.


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